Research is locating and compiling information from different sources. The main problem is usually to find the information wanted. In what part of the country and in which parishes did my ancestors live? Sometimes it may take considerable time to go trough all information before the goal is reached. PLF is able to help you on your way!

To simplify matters for genealogists, the PLF data base with its more than 5 165 340 items is available to everybody, members as well as non-members. It contains information about births, marriages and deaths of persons primarily from Kalmar län in the province of Småland, from the 1620's to 1944. Also available, to a certain extent, is information from household examination records and emigration and immigration records and emigration and immigration records concerning emigrants to te U.S.

There are two ways of getting information from the PLF data base. First you can write a letter to PLF asking questions about your ancestors. Your questions will be answered by letter by a PLF assistant. The charge is 40 SEK (Swedish "kronor") for members and 80 SEK for non-members. Remember - only five questions in each letter! Second, if you are in a position to visit Oskarshamn or Kristdala, you are welcome to the City Library where the PLF data base is located. There you may try on your own to find what you are looking for. Before you do this, do not hesitate to contact PLF for help. There will always be someone there to help you. The charge for using the data base is 40 SEK per hour for members and 80 SEK per hour for non-members.

More information

Membership in the People and Local History Center (PLF) is 150 Swedish kronor. This membership fee can be paid by sending 30 International Reply Coupons, which can be purchased at any Post Office in the United States. These International Reply Coupons can be sent to:

Box 23

Membership includes a discount on searches (40 Kronor or 8 IRCs rather than 80 Kronor or 16 IRCs for five queries) in the database, and the newsletter - PLF-nytt. The fee for searches can also be paid by sending IRCs.
As member You send 8 IRCs - not member will send 16 IRC.

You can write the queries as Email to

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